Master Card

Pioneer Mutual Federal Credit Union (PMFCU) MasterCard offers you convenience for shopping and traveling while minimizing the risk of carrying excess cash. PMFCU offers Gold MasterCard to all Members.

Pioneer Gold Master Card

Offers all the amenities of the Pioneer Classic Master Card with additional card benefits and superior purchasing power. You’ll enjoy the benefit of having a Pioneer Gold Master Card, and value the opportunity to make purchases as the needs arise while managing your finances over time. Pioneer Gold Master Card benefits: Pioneer Gold Master Card has no annual fee, cash advance fee and a low APR (annual percentage rate). For more information please contact our Credit Card Department at 281-566-8000 or Click Here to Apply for Master Card

Interest Up to

Gold Master Card 12.95% APR*

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Fee Schedule


  • * Interest rate, number of guarantor requirement, collateral requirement and loan eligibility will be based on Credit Score.
  • * Annual Percentage Rate.